Waldo Point Harbor, Sausalito

Project Details: Waldo Point Harbor

Total Square Footage: 55,000 sq. ft.

The Waldo Point Harbor renovations and additions are the culmination of a 40 year process that began with conflict and ended with healing and a sustainable low income houseboat community; the Gates Cooperative. Waldo Point Harbor is one of the original Houseboat Communities in Sausalito, constructed in the 1970s. The current project at Waldo Point Harbor included a new 1.2 acre park, public access along the water edge, viewing piers, six new dock entries, infrastructure upgrades, and a new office building. Also included was the addition of 38 new houseboat berths providing space for the existing Gates Cooperative Members and their houseboats. Renovation of, or replacement of, the 38 original Gates Cooperative Houseboats was required for life safety compliance requirements and completed as part of this project. The project realizes the divergent dreams of many people into a visually rich and sustainable houseboat community.